Owing to the needs assessment and situation analysis made by them, the members cooperating in the Association worded the following long-term objectives as consent:

  • Increase the level of employment and decrease unemployment;
  • Develop adaptability;
  • Develop local economy;
  • Strengthen employment partnerships.

The members plan to achieve these objectives by means of the following priorities:

  • Increasing the rate of economically active population by trainings;
  • Growing the resources gained from grants;
  • Improvement of local employment and support of economic investments;
  • Mobility, fighting handicaps in transport;
  • Forming the frames of flexible employment.

Target groups of the Association:

  • Entrepreneurs and ventures of the region that are interested in growth and a raise in employment;
  • Employees wishing to improve the quality of their work force;
  • Multiply disadvantaged groups of the labour market, primarily:
    • young career starter vocational workers and career starter young people with university or college degree;
    • people threatened by long term unemployment;
    • people with low qualifications, with special respect to young people between 16 and 25 with no qualification;
    • the Roma unemployed.

Duties of the Association:

General tasks:

  • Providing labour market closing-up and career orientation training programs and vocational training for young people with low qualifications;
  • Promotion of the re-integration of disadvantaged groups and people excluded from the job market;
  • Labour market coordination: consultations between the authorities, municipalities and enterprises concerned by the topic of employment;
  • Analysis of the regional employment situation and exploration of employment possibilities;
  • Elaboration and implementation of trainings promoting employment;
  • Strengthening employment potentials in the fields of social services, tourism and the agrarian sector by utilizing the endowments of the region;
  • Harmonization of the ideas on regional economic development and VET, preservation of convertible professional knowledge as well as its utilization in new activities; Exploration and harmonization of local, regional and EU level financial resources in order to implement the objectives;
  • Support of ventures and companies by providing employment development services.

Concrete tasks:

  • Search for grants, spread information, grant management and provision of services for association members. Organization and coordination of grant partnership. Improvement of the resource draw-down capability of disadvantaged settlements. Establishment of well-prepared grant writer groups and professional management capacities by involving local intellectuals.
  • Registration of employment partners: building a regional network of enterprises and employers’ and employees’ organizations. Building employment partnership, defining the strategy of member recruitment and investigating potential members. Preparation of grant applications connected to partnership.
  • Promoting the preparation and implementation of the development project plans accepted by the association members as well as conduct of lobbying connected to the action plans being currently elaborated. Lobbying targets that the action plans providing support for the development projects accepted by the Association be elaborated and the development objectives highlighted by the Association be included amongst the required objectives of the calls for proposals to be announced.
  • Maintaining an information platform for the operation of the Association: operating a home page, writing and publishing a newsletter, organizing press conferences and training conferences or meetings.
  • An additional task of the Association is to promote environmental care amongst the organizations and educational institutions belonging to the partnership as well as to disseminate the utilization of renewable energy (thus primarily the energetic qualification of buildings including the certification of adequacy and ‘energetic measurement’) and the promotion of entrepreneurial attitude of this type either by trainings or organizing professional conferences.