Providing labour market information for employers

The project called "Development and capacity building of Fejér Pact Association" has been implemented in 2013-2014 from an EU grant allotted within the frameworks of the TÁMOP-2.6.2 program (Social Renewal Operative Program).

Objectives: the establishment of the quality management system connected to labour market services aims that qualified NGOs provide job market services of the same standard all over the country. By getting prepared for the application of the quality management system the Youngsters’ Mentors’ Association undertakes to warrant the supply of the seven labour market services for the job seekers, employers and persons and organization needing information at a standard equal to that anywhere else in the country.

The standards planned to be selected:

Providing labour market information for employers

The overall objective of the service: provide labour market information for employers in order that they become able to satisfy their labour force needs. The service also aims to contribute to the cost efficiency of employment, the utilization of the potentials hiding in the various forms of atypical employment and the improvement of workplace diversity.

Objectives of providing labour market information

  • Support employers’ orientation in the field of legal regulations and grants connected to employment, and
  • help them choose the proper labour force from amongst the potential applicants by providing information on his various features (gender, age, qualifications, professional experiences and breakdown by territory).

Providing information on labour market and professions for job seekers

Overall objective of the service: improve the transparency of labour market possibilities, processes and supports and contribute to the improvement of the balance of labour market needs and offers by providing information for the offer side.

The objective of providing labour market and vocation information is to help the client become better informed about the institutional system and the participants of the labour market as well as about the possibilities offered by the grants and services available for job seekers to help him become able to utilize various possibilities faster and more effectively by using this information.

Personal work consultancy

Overall objective of the service: explore and do away with the circumstances obstructing the client to find employment in order to improve the employability of working-aged unemployed people. Work consultancy is aimed to give a personally tailored exploration, examination and evaluation of the factors preventing the client from finding a job, and to make a plan of putting an end to these factors and achieving employment. Besides, by the end of the consultancy process the job seeker is to be able to:

  • describe a realistic target job;
  • define his aims, with the consultant’s help, to be achieved on the job market as well as the mile stones, activities and necessary and available tools on the way leading to the finish;
  • see clearly and take into account the factors preventing him from becoming employed;
  • make all the necessary efforts to clear away the obstructing factors he possesses any influence/impact on;
  • explore job possibilities independently;
  • use his resources consciously in order to search for a job;
  • cooperate in using further services in case they are necessary to clear away any blocking factors beyond his influence;
  • join in trainings or VET.

Career counselling

Overall target of the service: provide help for those facing the problem of choosing a vocation or a possibility in higher education best fitting their personal competencies and life career ideas. Career counselling is aimed to:

  • prepare the client’s decision on choice of a career (professional orientation),
    • expand his knowledge on the certain vocation,
    • investigate his personal capabilities and interest (exploration of his endowments, competencies, abilities and attitudes),
    • develop his self-knowledge,
    • reflect to him his profession specific capability needs,
    • create his own ideal,
  • support him in planning his career and making his personal career plan,
  • search possibilities in education, training or further training fitting his abilities, competencies and interest as well as job market demand and support him in choosing a school, getting ready for the entrance exam and doing the administration work connected to application.

Job market mentoring service

Overall objective of the service: improve the labour market positions of disadvantaged unemployed persons of working-age and help them become employed and keep their jobs. The aim of the job market mentoring service is to get the client:

  • be able to take the steps defined in his personal plan,
  • reach the training, service and support most necessary for his labour market re-integration, and get him cooperate and be motivated in realizing these activities;
  • find the suitable services and information supporting him in solving his job market, social and mental situation and do away with the obstacles preventing him from finding a job and initiate and keep contacts with governmental or other organs;
  • become active in searching for a job,
  • become able to start working independently,
  • find the adequate job,
  • create and maintain his supporting system of connections in order to find and keep the adequate job;
  • integrate into his working environment and be able to meet his employer’s requirements.

Consultancy for micro, small and medium enterprises

Overall aim of the service: help reserve or increase the number of staff as well as establish the stable operation of these enterprises and promote their development. The aim of consultancy provided for micro, small and medium enterprises is to:

  • expand their entrepreneurial knowledge,
  • make them able to apply the permanently changing legal regulations in their everyday operation,
  • provide information on the domestic and international systems of grants offering help to improve employment and develop these enterprises.

Exploration of jobs and strengthening contacts with employers

Overall objective of the service: support the strengthening of the contacts between the organizations offering job market services and the employers and so a more effective investigation of jobs as well as a closer cooperation between the service providers and the employers by means of building contacts and exchanging information. The aim of exploring jobs and strengthening employer contacts is to:

  • get a better knowledge of the activities of the employers in the service region,
  • improve the receptiveness of the employers,
  • explore the jobs not yet registered by the National Employment Service (NFSZ) or other employment agencies,
  • inform the employers personally on the available services and the advantages of cooperation,
  • transmit labour market and employment information rapidly and efficiently,
  • forward information connected to explored job possibilities to the orderer party instantly,
  • prepare the filter giving ground to placement work.

The whole process of this service helps the employer get to know and consciously utilize the reached labour market information and inclines them to conduct closer cooperation with the service provider leaning beyond the compulsory registration of labour force need required by legal regulations.