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Közösségi szolgáltatások a MaroshegyiekértOn November 30th 2013 the project that was financed by the European Union and within the frames of which three NGOs were granted HUF 38.140.511 was closed. From Dawn to Sunset Foundation (Pirkadattól Alkonyatig Alapítvány) submitted an application and was awarded a grant together with their two consortial partners, SZITI Social Association and Fejér Pact Association to implement a project within the frameworks of TÁMOP-5.1.1, part of the New Széchenyi Plan, titled: “Development of community family services in Maroshegy quarter of the city of Székesfehérvár”.

This project strived to fill a long-existing gap in the lives of the families with small children since both the Foundation and the consortial associations experienced more and more frequently that families faced problems they were unable to solve themselves. The services and activities implemented during the project contributed to the general strengthening of families, the smallest units of society, a positive change in the image of family life and the extension of the supportive connections between the families. The target field of the project was Maroshegy quarter in Székesfehérvár. Our services were available for families living outside this area, as well. The project was open to any families of the city.

The program cultivated young people’s (aged 15-35) image of family life and having children as well as improved their relevant knowledge; it also helped to solve problems connected to family life, child care and employment in the families with children and promoted the idea of having several children. The project was also aimed at strengthening the connections between the various age groups and generations.

Project period: July 1st 2012 – November 30th 2013

During the 16 months of the project we implemented the following program elements:

  • We established a Family Information Point where families were provided with information personally, by phone or electronically concerning the services available within the program as well as family supports and allowances. The information point offered professional publications and magazines for free use, as well.
  • We organized 100-hour personal work consultancy and besides several other experts (psychologist, teachers of children with special needs, couple relationship consultant and lifestyle consultant) helped the participants to solve their various problems and improve their life quality.
  • The program also offered mediation, in a high number of contact hours, for the people interested in the effective and practical methods of conflict management. This activity helped the Parties in conflict to focus at the solutions and demands instead of quarrelling, improving by this the everyday lives of the families and the members’ relations.
  • The training-, club- and workshop-like services were focused at abilities by the development of which family life was possible to be turned more balanced and happy. During the project, and so in this service, as well, it was important to improve the participants’ self-knowledge; in this process people tried to learn that solutions and support should not be looked for outside but inside themselves. Hopefully, they will be able to mobilize their inner power resources later in their lives, too, so they become more balanced, effective and successful and reach all that they want to.
  • By involving all the age groups the project tried to bridge various generations.
  • We organized irregular school lessons titled ‘Without taboos’ at local schools where experts talked with teenagers about sexuality and responsible partnership leading them with the adequate tools and manner towards proper conduct in these fields. At Mihály Vörösmarty Industrial Technical School we kept lectures for the youngsters in five classes about the topic of life leadership, responsible partnership and sexual education. We found that the teenagers’ experiences and knowledge is varying and needs to be improved and widened. In our Lifestyle Camps dealing with the questions of having a family and children in a responsible way we attached great importance to the improvement of self-knowledge. In this work we focused at conscious body image and self-evaluation the aim of which was to promote the creation of human relations as well as their being maintained, really lived and stabilized.
  • The objective of visiting youngsters was to explore communities spending their free time in the quarter area. When visiting these groups we popularized the programs of the project and also involved the teenagers into the available consultation activities where it was necessary. According to our opinion, the youngsters use the housing estate areas rarely, they tend to organize around two or three community points.
  • The young people were open to the topics and programs both during the school lessons and the clubs. The experts provided information and services in topics and fields inevitable in the course of becoming an adult. The project was successful, the teenagers contacted our organization in relation to their personal and group needs after the compulsory meetings, as well.
  • For ventures and enterprises we organized employers’ workshops on the creation of family friendly workplace conditions.

Családi Információs Pont és Szívességcsere Központ is lesz Maroshegyen