The Youngsters’ Mentors Association acts as the legal successor of the Fejér Pact Association which was established on June 19th 2008. In its basic objectives the Association carries on the fundamental targets of the Employment Pact: their activities and operation promoted the improvement of the labour market positions of Southern Fejér County and the life quality of the people living here. The Association aims to establish a long-term cooperation, based on the needs assessment and situation analysis they have made, by means of which unemployment decreases, the employment level in the small regions of Aba, Adony, Dunaújváros, Enying and Sárbogárd increases, the rate of the population active in the economy grows owing to the trainings for the realization of which they wish to raise the involvement of resources from grants.

By today the prime objectives of the Association include the supply of labour market integration and profession orientation trainings as well as vocational trainings for the youngsters with low qualifications, with special respect to the age group of 16 to 25 and the promotion of the re-integration of the disadvantaged groups having been excluded from the labour market.